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BLOG #2 Suf & Duf


Suf & Duf  is an innovative Streetwear brand, focussed on high-quality clothing, Fair Trade and sustainability.

The original and creative designs, created by Suf & Duf, are a must-have for the creative youth that likes their own taste and who are passionate about contributing to a better future for the consumer, as well as the makers.

Founders: Tomas Agter and Jesse Kuipers work closely with developers and manufacturers to make sure the quality and the sustainability of the product and the process are up to standard.
Suf & Duf is a diverse, challanging and progressive brand that also likes to collaborate with creatives from diverse disciplines.
So if you have a great idea, please let us know Here!

Together we stand stronger for a more fair and sustainable future for all of us. We started in 2019 with some tshirts and we had a lot of animo, thats why we made an clothing brand called: Suf & Duf