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BLOG #1 Skate World Better

Hi! we are Skate World Better  an Non-Profit organization founded in Prague, that aims on spreading love and joy among the poor regions around our world, most specifically Africa. We are gathering finances and volunteers of all professions to go down with us and build Skateparks, Creating Communities  and most importantly Spread Love & Joy, along the way we make sure that everyone is involved. Our projects are not just about skateboarding!
Our first project took place last year in Mozambique where we managed to build two public skateparks. While one is in the heart of the capital, Maputo, the other one is in the suburbs. Both parks are ran by local communities so that they may be enjoyed by as many kids as possible. For next year we plan to do the same. This time we will go to Swaziland and Zambia.
Follow our social media to learn more about our plans and progress. Spread the word about what we do or become a regular donor on our website if you like what we do.

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